ARROW launched SAFE, a comprehensive sexuality education mobile app

The Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) is launching a new comprehensive sexuality education mobile app on May 28th, in conjunction with the International Day of Action for Women’s Health Day.  SAFE, or Sexuality Awareness For Everyone, will cover aspects on sex and sexuality, contraception, pregnancy, sexual health, and issues of consent and coercion. The app comes equipped with links to useful online resources, as well as a pharmacy/clinic locator. Currently, the app is developed for Malaysian youth, using country-specific information and perspectives. If the app is well received in this target audience, there is potential to redesign the app to fit a wider global youth population, or to re-position it to fit other country contexts.

The app can be installed from the Google Playstore:

There is also a dedicated Facebook page to promoting this app, as well as to other sources of comprehensive sexuality education:
Also, stay tuned to our Facebook page for a link to the Apple Store for all I-Phone users.
(The Facebook page will be launched on today, May 28, and will be available thereafter)

We hope that you and other colleagues will find the app informative and useful. Once the app is launched on social media on Wednesday, we will send you the link to the app. Any feedback or suggestions for the app is greatly appreciated, and can be directed to our Programme Officer, Nadia Rajaram at