First Call to Action: Global Dialogues for the #May28 Campaign

This May 28, International Day of Action for Women’s Health, SRHR and justice activists worldwide will mobilize and amplify demands for the realization of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and justice.

SRHR is part and parcel of all development efforts towards achieving gender equality, promoting good health and well-being, and fostering sustainable development and inclusive growth. Despite significant progress made by many countries and communities, SRHR continues to be systematically violated across the globe. Structural inequities and crises create substantial barriers to accessing SRH information and services, while also constraining sexual and reproductive freedoms. The pervasive discrimination and marginalization experienced by many women, girls, and gender-diverse individuals disproportionately hinder their ability to claim and exercise their human rights.

The events of 2023 laid bare the rollback on human rights, genocides, and crises that demanded our action. Entering 2024, many of these persist, violating human rights, including SRHR, on a global scale. However, this year presents new opportunities and platforms for us to collaborate on strategies to advance SRHR and justice. Comprehensive dialogues and decision-making processes are underway worldwide, ranging from elections to the strengthening of development goals and the commemoration of landmark human rights decisions. 

Elections are taking place in 64 countries this year, representing nearly half of the world’s population. Civil society, UN member states, and UN agencies will come together and develop an intergovernmental negotiated, action-oriented Pact for the Future later this year. Our intersectional, inclusive, and globally concerted mobilization comes at the most opportune moment. It is a time for us to celebrate, take spirit from, and join the actions our fellow activists and allies are undertaking.

In every moment, SRHR and justice activists remain steadfast in their fight for the health and rights of every woman, girl, and gender-diverse person. Through relentless mobilization, they strive for a future where everyone can realize their SRHR.

In working for this future, youth leadership in SRHR is a powerful force for global progress. Empowered by digital connectivity, creativity, and fueled by unwavering dedication, young advocates are actively challenging societal norms, advocating for comprehensive sexuality education, and promoting accessible SRH services for all. Through grassroots initiatives, impactful social media campaigns, and active engagement in policy discussions, they amplify their voices to dismantle barriers to reproductive rights and confront gender-based violence. With boundless energy and unwavering commitment, youth activists play a crucial role in shaping a world where everyone can exercise their SRHR free from discrimination and stigma.

Governments and global organizations are pledging commitments to achieve gender equality, tackle the climate crisis, ensure equitable access to digital innovation and technology, close the education gap, and empower young people, among other goals, and address wartime atrocities and conflict-driven crises. In light of these efforts, our actions and demands on May 28 will serve as strong reminders of the centrality of women, girls, and gender-diverse people’s SRHR, and bodily autonomy within every election, development agenda, and action plan.

Be a May 28 Campaign Partner Now!

Calling organizations and SRHR activists: be a May 28 Campaign Partner and join partners around the world at our Global Dialogues for the May 28 Campaign. These dialogues are a platform for SRHR activists to share emerging and critical SRHR issues, identify priority agendas, and articulate our demands for health, rights, and justice. Learn from organizations on their context-specific issues and work collaboratively to develop a central Campaign Call to Action, key messages, and a comprehensive list of demands. These collective efforts will serve as the foundation for our campaign mobilization and amplification.

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  • Africa, Europe, Americas: May 6, 2024 (10:00am Buenos Aires, 1:00pm UTC, 3:00pm West Africa, 5:00pm East Africa)
  • Asia and Pacific: May 7, 2024 (9:00am India, 11:30am Philippines, 1:00pm Australia, 3:30pm Fiji)