Local Actions

May 28 is a day for action! This day offers a great opportunity to mobilise communities to demand a holistic, women-centred and human rights based inclusion of SRHR in the Post-2015 development agenda.

Here is a list of suggested action that you can take on May 28.

Use May 28 campaign materials – video and print materials – to introduce and raise awareness about the campaign and to complement campaign activities. Mobilize and inspire action for women’s health with May 28 Call to Action. Also, please sign the Call to Action, and encourage allies to do so as well! Lastly, post blogs on May 28 website about the women’s SRHR needs and issues in your community or about your local action on May 28. If you want to post on www.may28.org, kindly email may28@wgnrr.org for instructions on how to do that.

Get media’s attention:
• organize media stunt to illustrate May 28 statement/message
• arrange press conferences/briefings in support of women’s SRHR as a priority in national and international policies and agendas, especially in the Post-2015;
• issue press releases addressing women’s health issues, the importance of including women’s SRHR in the new development agenda, etc.

Organize community action. Speak out and raise awareness about women’s SRHR issues in your community through activities, such as statements, roundtable discussions, workshops or trainings, banner drops or information stands, cultural events like film showings or art competitions, street plays, demonstrations, performances, flash mobs, protest rallies, etc.

Advocate! Send your government and the UN agencies in charge of drafting the Post-2015 Development Agenda a statement explaining the need for a holistic, women-centric and rights based inclusion of SRHR. Statement templates are available at www.may28.org!

Contribute to May 28 Word Cloud. Send one line sharing your community’s women’s health issues, concerns and demands to may28@wgnrr.org We will use the one liners to create word cloud visualising the main issues and demands of women from different walks of life, from different parts of the world. The world cloud will be put on www.may28.org and shared through social media.

For more action ideas, please see the [download id=”318″].

#May28, #WomensHealth.
Also, send the information of your action to may28@wgnrr.org
and we will share it through www.may28.org and social media.