International Day of Action for Women’s Health

2023 Call to Action

Our Voices, Our Actions, Our Demand:
Uphold women’s health and rights now!

This May 28 International Day of Action for Women’s Health, SRHR activists and allies take action, mobilize, and amplify demands for realizing sexual and reproductive health and rights, and justice. Let us stay firm in our resolve and assert stronger that #WomensHealthMatters and demand #SRHR4ALL!

This May 28, we highlight that an attack on SRHR anywhere attacks all our rights everywhere. Therefore, addressing these critical issues is a matter of globally concerted efforts, multisectoral and intersectional collaboration, and seeking accountability on a global scale. May 28 is also a time to celebrate and take encouragement from the hard-fought gains in health and SRHR won by social movements worldwide.

These attacks and regressions are not deterrents to us but instead, fuel our mobilization as we stand firm. We are stronger and louder when we come together, in solidarity with women and girls and our allies across the world – be it in celebration of their gains or the continuing struggle for the full realization of #SRHR4ALL.

Advance SRHR! Persist in the face of regressions!