Women’s Networking Zone AIDS 2014, Melbourne

AIDS 2014 being held in Melbourne in July offers the Women’s Networking Zone an exciting opportunity to advocate for real world commitments from international policy makers, politicians and change agents on pressing issues affecting women living with HIV/AIDS. The Women’s Networking Zone in collaboration with many of our partners worldwide has identified a number of themes that are of particular significance for women living with HIV, particularly in relation to their sexual and reproductive rights.  The following five asks have been drafted and are still subject to revision.

  • That at the time of HIV diagnosis all patients/clients have access to HIV positive counsellors, peer mentors or similar, with training in gender.
  • That women living with HIV have input into the WHO guidelines with an advisory target (suggested at least 30%), working within a human rights-based framework.
  • That sexual and reproductive health and HIV be integrated within the health care system and in funding agreements, utilising a rights-based approach.
  • That a code of conduct be established for health practitioners that ensures that people living with HIV do not experience discrimination from their health care providers.
  • Commit to a complete prohibition of forced or coerced sterilisation and abortion of women living with HIV.

While we recognise that these asks only address a small number of the issues faced by women living with HIV we do not want to duplicate work happening elsewhere and want to provide achievable solutions to important issues facing positive women throughout the world. From this list three asks will be selected to put be to politicians, policy makers, and change agents at AIDS 2014.

Have you any thoughts on these asks? Let us know at advocacy@womensnetworkingzone.org

Alternatively, visit the Women’s Networking Zone website, www.womensnetworkingzone.org for more information.