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Thunderclap allows to synchronize May 28 social media messaging. If May 28 message gets supported by a target number of people (100), Thunderclap will release May 28 message from all of those supporters at the same time, on the designated date & time – May 28, 2014.  Which allows us to flood the social media sites with our #May28 messaging on #WomensHealth and #SRHRtargetNow!

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Support May 28 Thunderclap! On #May28 let’s occupy social media with the message calling for a holistic, women-centric & rights-based inclusion of #SRHR4all in the #Post2015.


Support #May28 Thunderclap! On #May28 let’s occupy social media with a message on #WomensHealth & #SRHRtargetNow!




Tweet daily! And on May 28th, 2014 join us in the Tweetathon!

 Use May 28 hashtags #May28 #WomensHealth #Post2015 #SRHRtargetNow! #SRHR4all when tweeting about May 28 activities, women’s health needs and issues in your community, or demands for policy and decision makers.

Join #May28 Tweetathon: On May 28, 2014 let’s take over the Twitterverse in our Tweetathon! Tweet at least every 2 hours, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. your local time, about women’s health issues and needs in your community, your demands relating to SRHR as an integral part of women’s health, and situating SRHR within the Post-2015 Agenda. Make sure to include the hashtags mentioned above, especially #May28!


Sample tweets

Introducing the campaign:

#May28: empowered & respected choices, recognized needs & realized rights

#WomensHealth matters! #SRHR4all Join #May28 and demand #SRHRtargetNow! in the #Post2015 agenda

Women have sexual and reproductive health needs beyond reproduction! Support #May28 #SRHR4all

Sharing key issues in your community:

Governments must end the forced sterilization of HIV+ women. #May28 #Post2015#WomensHealth #SRHRtargetNow!

Governments must stop discrimination against people with diverse sexual orientation & gender identity & expression #May28 #SOGIE #Post2015

Differently-abled women are sexual beings and their #SRHR need to be recognized & respected. #May28

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Post May 28 messages using #May28, #WomensHealth, #Post2015 and #SRHRtargetNow! Don’t forget to upload the May 28 logo together with your message! Please click [download id=”224″] to download the logo.

Sample messages

–          Join #May28 – International Day of Action for Women’s Health – in our call for a holistic, women-centric and rights-based inclusion of #SRHR4all in the #Post2015 Agenda

–          In the #Post2015 Agenda, we must move away from a narrow focus on maternal health towards a more inclusive, women-centric and rights-based approach to #WomensHealth, where it is not merely an absence of disease or infirmity, but a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing which includes #SRHR4all. #May28 #SRHRtargetNow!

–          This #May28, speak out and mobilize in your community about what you see as the urgent priorities for realizing women’s holistic sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing. It’s time for a new narrative on #WomensHealth issues, a narrative drafted and voiced by women themselves, in all their diversities!

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